Experience a unique sport event in Kuusamo!

July 23rd 2022!  

2022 event is sold out!

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Oulankajoki, Ruka-Kuusamo


July 23rd 2022


Friday 22.7.2022

17.00–21.00, the event office is open

20.00–21.00, event information

Saturday 23.7.2022

6–8.30, the event office is open

7.00, transports to the starting line, 24 km journey

8.30, transports to the starting line, 12 km journey

8.00 and 8.15, the start of the 24 km journey

10.00 and 10.15, the start of the 12 km journey

10.30, transports of the supporters

12.30, the first participants are in the finish line

12.00–17.30, dining, saunas, tubs

14.30 transports begin from the finish area to Ruka

16.00, the finish line closes

21.00 prize-giving and closing party begins


The event office is located in Scandic Rukahovi. Transports leaves from the Ruka Kumpare bus stop, which is located about 100-150 m from Scandic Rukahovi.

Sunday 24.7.2022

Sunday 24.7 is the spare day if the weather conditions prevent the event from being held the day before.

Starting groups:

On both trips, couples who want to swim against time or compete with other couples will leave in the first group. Starting groups will be selected when the numbers are retrieved and the groups will be filled in the order of registration.



An open water swimming event that lasts for 12/24 kilometers in the Oulanka River. Participants register and progress in pairs. The total distance of 24 km includes short transitions, which are completed by foot.

Long distance: 24 km
Short distance: 12 km

Number of participants

100 pairs for a long distance
50 pairs for a short distance


Long distance 449 € /couple
Short distance 349 € /couple


Event in sold out.