Experience a unique sport event in Kuusamo!

Next Downhill Swim July 23rd 2022! The first Downhill Swim on July 17th 2021 was a success! More information about the year 2022 event will be updated later on this page and also on social media – so please follow us on Facebook and on Instagram!


Oulankajoki, Ruka-Kuusamo


July 23rd 2022


An open water swimming event that lasts for 24 kilometers in the Oulanka River. Participants register and progress in pairs. The total distance of 24 km includes short transitions, which are completed by foot.

Long distance: 24 km
Short distance: 12 km

Number of participants

100 pairs for a long distance
50 pairs for a short distance


Long distance 449 € /couple
Short distance 349 € /couple


Registration will open in November 1st. The registration link can be found on the front page.